Welcome to HIGH & HUNGRY

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HIGH & HUNGRY - Clan Rules

1. No Multiclaning!

This means that you are not allowed to be in 2 different Clans at the same time!
If we figure it out you will get kicked.

2. No Loot Whoring!

This means that you are not allowed to loot a dead body if you didn't kill him, or if the killer didn't give you the agreement to loot it.
This especially count for Survival!
If we figure it out you will get warned (after the 2nd warning you will get kicked).

3. Be Active!

This means that if you are unable to play/being online, you need to contact a Mod / Leader and inform them!.

4. Don't be racist!

If we figure out that you are beeing racist at any point, then you will get kicked.

5. We will only invite 2 of your Characters to the Ingame Clan!

6. If you play you need to be on Teamspeak/Discord!

7. Teaming up with random plebs is not allowed anymore! Since everyone is Crying!

8. Killing a Clan Member!

Killing a Clan Member multiple times can result in a KICK!


Fill out all the question below to send the Application!

1. Discord name (with #****):

2. Name of your main char and a Screenshot of it where we can see your character stats:

3. How old are you?:

4. Where are you from?:

5. Rate your skill from 1-10?:

6. Make some Screenshots of your Global Inventory and post them here!:

7. Can you speak good English? Tell us a little story!:

8. Why should we accept you?:

9. How did you hear about HIGH and Hungry?:

10. Do you accept all of our rules? You can read the rules here: Rules

HIGH & HUNGRY - Application

If you fit all the requirments press the link below each list to apply!

HIGH & HUNGRY - Member List

    Leader Geneticzz

    Leader SkillerFreak

    Co-Leader Tetsu-Kun

    Co-Leader Prodeuca

    Moderator ChrisPKLL

    VIP Member FlowZ

    VIP Member Juifar

    VIP Member KusKus

    VIP Member Mysta

    Member Nirassa

    Member Linus13370

    Member Battlestar

    Member Hentai

    Member Skrapy

    Member Dyness

    Member Bowzy

    Member Gr4b5ky

    Member Volishq

    Member KazmightOnFire

    Member Walid

    Trial Member Sixeena

    Trial Member Who am I

    Trial Member Glad

HIGH & HUNGRY - Clan War Lineups

Main Lineup

Assault Rifles:

1. Flowz

2. Tetsu-Kun
3. kazmightONFIRE
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4. Juifar

Sniper Rifle:

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HIGH & HUNGRY - Montages

SkillerFreaks latest Montage:

Geneticzzs latest Montage:

Tetsu-Kuns latest Montage:

Prodeucas latest Montage:

Juifars latest Montage:

Kazmights latest Montage:

HIGH & HUNGRY - Streams